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Individual lessons

Individual lessons

Individual lessons with a private tutor are tailored to meet the needs of those who want to improve language skills really fast.

Starting your individual lessons is so easy:

  1. Choose the language you want to improve.
  2. Tell us what day you want to start. You decide! We will contact one of our available teachers to be ready for you.
  3. Set your own schedule! The only preset is you have to take at least two hours in a row and 2 days per week. You decide the timetable (from 10 am to 9 pm – from Monday to Friday).
  4. Do you want to take your lessons with more friends? Perfect! You can share the lessons splitting the cost with other friends who have the same language skills than you have. Learning together, learning happier!
  5. Enjoy your individual lessons!

The program


As many as you like


1 – 23 lessons: 30 € per lesson

24 lessons+: 24 € per lesson (book included)


Share with a friend and split the costs

Learn fast

Study exactly what you want

Exam preparations

Focussed on getting you to pass the test

Individual lessons prices

Number of lessons Lesson price
1 to 23 lessons € 30,00 *
24 lessons or more € 24,00 **

* Book price: 25€ (just if you want to buy it)

** Book included

Would you like to get customized attitude?

Improve your language skills quickly!

Send us an email for more information. We’ll be pleased to help you!