4 hours/week course

64 h. during 16 weeks
2 days a week, 2 h. a day


4 hours/week course is the best solution for people who want to learn Spanish but do not have time to study in a more intensive way. This is an easy course to attend specially for students and workers currently living in Málaga. 2 days a week, 2 hours a day, during 16 weeks.

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This course will help you to reach success communicating in Spanish. This course is framed in “The Common European Framework of reference for languages”, and our intention is to ensure that all our students are efficiently developing their language skills in order to get a proper knowledge of the Spanish language.

We develop the four essential skills in a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. And to make it easier, we create small groups from 3 to 12 students where the teacher offers personal attention and every student can participate. This is how we love to work. We want to create a friendly environment making learning Spanish an enjoyable and efficient experience.

The program

✓ 64 hours course – 2 days a week, 2 hours a day

✓ During 16 weeks

✓ Choose between different schedules

✓ From A1 to B2 level. You’ll get a certificate at the end.

✓299 € for the whole course (material included)

Next course starts on:

4 hours/week course
(64 hours course)

– 2 days a week, 2 hours a days
– Price: 299€ course (material included)
– Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2
– Starting on: coming soon
– Ending on: coming soon

Different schedules:
Mon. & Wed. or Tue. & Thu.
10:00 to 12:00
12:00 to 14:00

17:00 to 19:00
19:00 to 21:00

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