What we are good at:

We want the best experience for you, and to get it we put all our effort on the what we do really good.

We only get focused on what we think we’re good at:

  • Spanish courses:  We have created different kind of Spanish courses regarding our client requests: Intensive courses, courses for workers and erasmus students, courses for groups.
  • Rooms for rent: Rooms for long-term rent at the city center for Erasmus students in Málaga.

Our team is composed of highly experienced people passionated on working with international students. If you are looking for a room, we have one for you! If want to enroll a Spanish course, you’ll find with us a perfect atmosphere to learn Spanish in Málaga!


Instituto eCenter, your Spanish school!

Instituto eCenter has a perfect location at the lovely heart of historic centre of Málaga. The city centre offers to its visitants countless restaurants, shops, wine shops, tapas bars and markets with local products where you can soak-up the unique atmosphere of the city. It is situated nearby all the famous sightseeing points of interests such as Cathedral, Alcazaba, The Roman Theatre, Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza de la Merced. The whole area of the historical centre is completely walkable and it does not take long time to pass through it.

Perfect environment

Our rooms are equipped with the latest technology, making it a pleasant, clean and user friendly learning environment. We promote technology integration during the classes such as use of tablets, video projectors and combine classical learning of Spanish with online Spanish exercises. The whole area is connected to free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned.

Our goal is to create a friendly spontaneous and creative environment that helps to make learning Spanish enjoyable and efficient at the same time.

Small groups

Small groups where a teacher offers personal attention is how we love to work. It is important to guide students properly to help them learning the Spanish language, because of that, we create groups of 10-15 students, where every student can participate.


Having fun while studying. We usually offer every kind of activities in order to offer a really enjoyable experience in Málaga.


The accommodations of Instituto eCenter are always in the city centre and are equipped with everything you need when staying in Málaga. The best price-value!

About Málaga

The perfect emplacement

Málaga is a fantastic coastal city; oozing with Andalusian charm, it’s incredibly compact, with all the main attractions just a short stroll away from the seaside. This city has so much to offer that no one can get bored. Just dare to explore it!

Get lost in an incredible labyrinth of narrow streets of the city center that makes this lively city one of the top places in Spain to visit. There are plenty of fascinating monuments for history lovers, such as The Alcazaba of Málaga, Cathedral, and many more. If you love shopping, then you shouldn’t miss our lovely Calle Larios, one of the most famous shoping streets in Spain. The beautiful sea shore and beaches just a few steps from the city center will make you fancy to stay here forever!

How eCenter started

How Instituto eCenter started

The first steps go back when in Málaga started to come foreign students in Málaga to ensure shared accommodation in the previous building of eCenter. Later on started organising private trips and activities in the city and its surroundings to give the students a chance to see the beauty of Andalusia.

The passion for helping and providing complex services to the students, to renew the building and establish Instituto eCenter, where the students could take advantage of Spanish courses and being provided with accommodation and a range of interesting activities at the same time. In 2012, based on a family tradition, the current language school was founded.

building of language school in Málaga