5 best restaurants for newcomers in Malaga

Finding a good restaurant in Malaga is not a hard task, this city has a lot of good ones! But it’s always nice to have some recommendations for the first days in the city.

In this post I want to recommend you 5 totally different restaurants for all sorts of tastes. Do you fancy to try some special dish from Malaga? Or maybe just a good burger? Are you an italian food lover? Or perhaps you’re looking for a vegan restaurant?

Next time I will post something more extense about restaurants with Spanish dishes and special recipes from Malaga, but let’s start from the beginning! Something basic for your first days at the city center of Malaga with some information and links to check their menus. They are in Spanish language so this is a good moment to start learning Spanish! 🤣

Let’s go for it!

1. La Calle Burger

If you want to try the best burger of every city, you should go to La Calle Burger in Málaga. Maybe someone can discuss this afirmation with me, but this is my opinion and I love their burgers!

They have several kind of burgers and sandwiches but my favourite is the “entraña” burger, so tasty with wine onion and chimichurri mayonnaise. 😍🍔

You can check out their website here:

2. Pizzeria Terra Mia

Yes, they have pizzas. But really good ones! If you’re an italian food lover, you should try their pizzas, authentic neapolitan pizza from Italy. Exactly the way a pizza should be. 🍕

As an Italian restaurant, they also have delicious pasta dishes, so you have a lot of good options to choose.

Take a look at their menu here:

3. Restaurante Cortijo de Pepe

If you prefer to try some Spanish “tapas”, you can try this typical Spanish restaurant located at “Plaza de la Merced”. Fried fish, croquettes, “callos”, serrano ham, “migas”… A big variety of Spanish dishes with good prices.

Remember! It’s a Spanish restaurant and we serve food this way: “tapas” (just to try), “media ración” (medium dish to share), “ración” (big dish to share) and “plato principal” (main dish). We usually just share several dishes, it’s up to you!

Visit their website here:

4. Restaurante Vegetariano Cañadú

Are you looking for a vegan or veggie restaurant? Cañadú has special dishes for you! I have to say I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I love this restaurant. Great variety and quality.

My favourite dish? Asparagus and mushrooms risotto with parmesan chesse., delicious!

You can see their special dishes here:

5. Restaurante Los Mellizos

People usually ask me where to eat the best “paella” in Málaga. Los Mellizos is a good restaurant where you can try a high quality “paella” dish at the city center of Málaga.

Prices are a bit higher here but if you want the best quality you have to pay for it!

Visit their website here:

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