A natural wonder in Malaga: “El Caminito del rey”

“El Caminito del Rey” is one of those must-see places if you are in Málaga. Built on the walls of the Gaitanes canyon, “el caminito” is a breathtaking walking path of more than 3 kilometers (not counting the access to get there) hanging up from the rocks where you can see how the river crosses the mountain bellow your feet.

This area is located between “Ardales” and “Álora”, two villages next to Málaga. “El Caminito del Rey” is about 1 hour away from Málaga by car. It’s also possible to reach it by train and bus.

This path has been re-open recently in 2015 after a big reparation work. It was closed in 2001 because of several misfortunes were happened to four travelers causing their death in 1999 and 2000. Now this place is totally safe and it’s run by a company that makes it 100% trustworthy from top to bottom.

At the beginning of its history, the path was built because an hydroelectric company needed an access way between the two precipices in order to make it easier for the maintenance workers to get there and transport materials. The works were started in 1901 and finished in 1905.

“El caminito del Rey” (The Kings Little Pathway), is called that way because the King Alfonso XIII went along the path on his way to the dam in order to officially open it in 1921. Because of that people started to call the path ‘The Kings Little Pathway’, and the name was kept up to date.

We usually organice this trip for the students of our Spanish school, and they always say this is the most exciting trip. Even being totally safe, you still can notice a special feeling admiring the impresive views of the canyon.

You will need to buy a ticket to visit this amazing place.

If you want to go there by your own, first of all you should know that there is little hike way of 3 kilometers from the road (next to the restaurant “El Kiosko”) to the beginning of “el caminito” where you have to show your tickets. So before starting it you have to do this little hike through the mountains. It’s not possible to get there any other way, and even though it’s not hard to reach, it’s always recommendable to get there with someone who knows the area.

If you decide to go there by your own, I recommend you to buy your tickets way long in advance, otherwise you won’t probably find any free spot for the date you need. You can buy your tickets directly on their website:

In case you prefer to visit it comfortably with a group and transportation and a guide arranged, there are several trip agencies in Málaga offering this trip, and they usually have free spots without the need of arranging that long time in advance, although the price is obviously higher.

You’re going to love “El Caminito del Rey”💗

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