Are you staying in Málaga for long-term?

Book your room at the city center with us!

We have apartments for students at the city center for long-term. We offer single and double rooms at the city center of Málaga. Share a flat with other international students from all over the world. We offer prices with all bills included, no surprises at the end of the month. Feel safe from the beginning with a trustworthy company.

Click here to know more about the renting conditions:

  • We don’t charge you any extra commission for our services. The monthly price is the unique price you have to pay. No hidden costs, just the monthly payment.
  • The monthly payment includes all bills (electricity, gas, water and internet). You could find out that other landlords and companies who are renting apartments tell you that these costs are low and you have to pay it separately, but in the end they reclaim you a large sum of money that you weren’t expecting to pay. With us everything is clear from the beginning to the end, all bills included!
  • We are not the owners of the flats. We put in contact owners with tenants providing the security of not being fooled, no surprises. You receive what you’re expecting to receive, with the confidence of a trustworthy company. We will be in contact during your whole stay in Málaga.
  • To book a room you have to pay a deposit amount (one month rent). The deposit amount will be given back to you at the end of your stay, after you leave the apartment in the same condition it was in the beginning. Just take care of the flat and we will give you the deposit back 100% sure.
  • We have apartments assigned only for girls if you require it.

Our apartments: