Terms and conditions of our courses


About the language courses offered by the School

– No lessons are held on public holidays; Only for “40 hours course”, missed lessons could be recovered in case most of students are able to attend lessons in an extra day.

– Students are divided by level groups. Lessons take 50 minutes each. Except for “40 hours course” that lessons always take 55 minutes each.

– Course times and details are subject to change, and any changes will be communicated in advance in a timely manner.

– Students must be at least 18 years old on the arrival day.

– Sometimes we organize courses cooperating with another school of our partnership in order to have always a group of every level of Spanish available, so it’s possible that the course you book doesn’t take place in our facilities. We do this to add more students together in a level group, providing the best experience possible to our customers. The location of our school partners will be always in the city center, no further than 15 minutes walking from our location.

– In case that there is not any level group suitable for the student in our school, or in one of our schools partners, the lessons will be reduced to 10 individual lessons per week instead of 20 hours per week in a group.

– Prices indicated on the Price List include all local charges and VAT.

Other conditions

– In case it’s not possible to find an accommodation for the student at the city center because there are no vacancies anymore, the apartment could be located further. The bus distance would never be longer than 20 minutes to the city center.

– Arrival transfer from the airport to the accommodation and departing transfer are not included. We can arrange it with an extra payment.

– Bookings are confirmed after we receive the payment and not before.

– The School shall not be held responsible for any costs, damages and expenses arising from acts or omissions of host families or other persons entrusted by the School to accommodate its students, unless the School has acted maliciously or negligently.


– Students may cancel their booking by submitting notice in writing directly to the School, or via the Representative. Provided that the “Date of Cancellation” shall be taken to be the date on which the School receives notice of the cancellation.

– When cancellation date takes place four weeks before the course starts, all fees shall be refunded by the School, except the amount charged for getting the VISA document for the student.

– No refund at all will be given by the School under any kind of circumstances when the cancellation date takes place after four weeks before the course starts.

– However, the School binds itself to reimburse School fees if a course is cancelled by the School.

Students with Special Needs, Insurance and Health Care

– The student will give the School sufficient advance notice regarding special needs required.

– While every effort shall be made by the school to accommodate these students’ wishes and needs, the School reserves the right to recommend alternative dates and arrangements should this prove necessary.

– Since host families and shared apartments are not necessarily equipped to receive students with special needs, the School recommends to get accommodation in hotels having the necessary facilities.

– Course fees charged by the School do not include insurance cover. Students should check that their insurance policy is valid in Spain or take out a new personal insurance policy prior to their arrival. The student is obliged to inform the School of any illness and special dietary requirements upon registration.

Causing Damage

– If a student causes damage of any kind to property on the School’s premises, or any type of accommodation provided by the school, the student will be liable to pay compensation to the School.


– The School shall, as far as possible, pay particular attention to the welfare of all minors. However, students below 18 years of age will only be accepted upon presentation of a Parents’ Consent Form (a form that is provided by the School), signed by at least one of the parents or legal guardian, confirming their consent for the student to attend the School’s courses in Spain, and also declaring that they shall not hold the School responsible for any mishap occurring to the student outside the premises of the school, and outside School hours.

– Stipulated curfews are in place in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. Students are expected to honour these rules that will be communicated to the students on arrival.

– Minor students need to provide a Parents’ Accommodation Consent Form (a form that is provided by the School), in order to proceed with booking. This form clearly stipulates that the school may not be held responsible for any of their actions since they will be unattended out of our school.

Visa Requirements (where applicable)

– Students who require a VISA must apply for a Schengen VISA from their own country so we recommend early application.

– It is hereby understood that obtaining the VISA remains the students’ ultimate responsibility and the school cannot be held responsible in case of VISA refusal or delays in course start date due to lengthy VISA procedures.

Expulsion Entry

– Instituto eCenter expects all its students to be well-motivated, polite and considerate towards members of staff, teachers, host families, fellow students and the general public at all times.

– Instituto eCenter reserves the right to ask any student who does not comply with any of the above to terminate the course and/or accommodation being provided by the school. In such case, no refund of fees will be made and any extra costs incurred by the school on the behalf of the student will be charged to the student.