Testimonials: Kristina F.

Kristina F. tells us her experience in Málaga with her course at our school Instituto eCenter. She always wanted to come to Spain to live for some time here, and she got what she was looking for. She is one of our most loved students, so we needed her story in our blog:

“Hi there! I’m Kristina, and I’m from Cologne, Germany. I always wanted to go to Spain because of the weather and the Spanish culture. As you know, we don’t have a really good weather in Germany, it usually rains and that’s something quite annoying for me! 😅 A friend of mine told me the sky in Málaga is always blue, and it makes feel so happy! So I had to go there.

I studied at the eCenter school their Academic Course for 4 months, I wanted to take advantage of a GAP year, so the whole idea of learning Spanish in Spain while enjoying my time was perfect for me. But living there in Málaga was so cool, it was an amazing experience. I lived at the city center of Málaga in a shared apartment provided by the school, sharing it with other 2 girls. And we always had something to do everyday. I made lot of friends there visiting so many places like Ronda, Granada. Seville, Córdoba… I could go on listing so many places I visited!

Because of I stayed there for such a long time, I have to say I had the opportunity of exploring the whole Andalusia region, and I even went to Portugal and north of Morocco. I always found people up to go on a trip or to do so many different plans, that was something so cool. People were so open-minded and easy going.

If you’re planning to go to Spain, I totally recommend to stay in Málaga. This city has a very special weather during the whole year and it’s in the middle of Andalusia, where you can go to visit every single cool place. At the same time you will find good flight connections to get there, so the location is great.

In my opinion, Málaga is not a super big city and because of that living at the city center is perfect because you have everything you need next to you! Beach, so many interesting monuments, restaurants, clubs, good flight connections, lot of different places to visit in the surroundings, a great culture, and people there are so nice!

And about the school, what can I say!! They treated me as a friend from the very beginning, Carlos and Jose will always be special people for me!! I coudn’t have made a better choice going there. They organize good Spanish courses and they care of the students.

This experience really changed my life and I just want to go back again and again!”

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