Testimonials: Monika P.

Monika loves Málaga, and every year she visits us at least for a few days, so we wanted to have her story in our blog:

“Hola! I’m Monika, I’m from Warsaw, Poland, and I’m so in love with Spain! I’ve been several times in Spain in cities like Barcelona, Almería, Cádiz or the Canary Islands. But if I had to choose a destination in Spain to learn Spanish, it would be Málaga!

Málaga is such a special city, it has lot of places on the surroundings to visit, great beaches, a lovely culture and a cool night life. All in a very compact city! Going out at the city center is so funny! And those are just some of the reasons because of I always go back, I could go on listing!

Carlos showed me Málaga the first time that I signed up for a Spanish course at the eCenter school. And from that time I felt in love with the city, and I always go back. Being there was so cool, every day a different plan to enjoy. You never get bored in Málaga, going to “Malagueta” beach, shopping at “Calle Larios”, having some “tapas” or a “tinto de verano” at “Plaza de la Merced”… there is always something to do!

I studied at the eCenter school with their Academic Course during 4 months and I finally got a B2 level after several years studying Spanish. Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to get it because you learn the language the way Spanish people speak it, and at the same time you discover their culture and a lot of beautiful places they have to show.

I made lot of friends that I still keep the contact with, and it’s an experience that I recommend to everybody.

Jose takes care that everything works properly at the school and they are always up to help you out when you have any problem. It’s like a small family.

If you’re planning to go to Spain to learn Spanish, you should think about Málaga. They have a lovely weather during the whole year, and people from there use to have an easy going way of life. The city center of Málaga is quite safe and it’s not so big, so it’s easy to not get lost there and manage it properly. It’s perfect for first time abroad looking for a safe place to go. You won’t fail choosing Málaga as a destination to learn Spanish.

It was a really cool time of my life, and I will always go back to Málaga at least for a few days a year to enjoy such a nice city. Thanks to the eCenter staff for making my stay in Málaga an amazing experience. It wasn’t just about learning Spanish, they really added a bigger value that I wasn’t expecting to receive. See you soon!”

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